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Membership Purpose


Membership in the Phuket International Women's Club is for women of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds living in Phuket to meet, make lifelong friends and support our adopted home, Phuket.  We do that by supporting local students who excel at school but need help financially to complete their dream.

PIWC raises the much-needed scholarship funds through donations from both private and public sources as well as events with raffle tickets and auctions. Every penny raised goes to the scholarships directly which is managed by a registered Phuket-based charity, the International Women's Fund. 

Cost of Membership


Annual dues are 1500 baht per person. As PIWC is 100% volunteer supported, over 90% of the annual dues go directly to our scholarship funds. The remaining 10% goes to pay for our website, email platform, and other member support platforms. 

Our scholarship fund is the longest-running program of its kind in Phuket with over 1200 graduates. These students have gone on to successful careers as doctors, nurses, teachers, veterinarians, and business leaders. These students are the first graduates in their family and as such, the help of one helps the entire family. 

PIWC Activities


Depending on your interests, there are a number of small groups that get together--weekly to monthly depending on the activity. 

The PIWC Ladie's Local Lunch is a favorite as the group visits special local restaurants that are not generally in a tour book. You immediately learn which places are a must and the best food to order. The restaurants tend to be in the middle of the island, near Phuket Town though the group has gone as far north at the airport, east to the Gibbon Reserve, and west to a special spot near Kamala. All in search of special places to eat great local delicacies. 

Some join the  PIWC Book Club, play mah jong or golf and others meet for coffee and conversation while working on their latest stitch project. The latest is a Gardening group that visits special private gardens and then meets over coffee to discuss what they learned. 

New ideas are always welcome!

Membership Benefits


PIWC membership benefits range from the tangible to the intangible. Our first priority is connecting members to help them make lifelong friendships through a variety of activities--something for everyone.  Women who have lived here for decades share their insider knowledge so you quickly feel at home. 

An unexpected benefit is meeting the students we support and watching them mature from quiet shy children to strong adults with successful careers. Our graduates always support our activities in addition to annual donations. They are terrific examples to local students and will make you proud to be involved. 

Membership Card


One new and very tangible benefit is the PIWC Membership Card. By joining as a paid member, you receive discounts from our supporters across the island. PIWC aims to support local businesses who have long supported our fundraisers with raffle and auction donations by supporting them where it counts most--as regular customers. The membership program provides opportunities for local business to advertise through special PIWC offers and discounts which in turn will drive all our members to try them and become regular customers which benefits everyone.   



There are many ways, small and large, to support the PIWC scholarship project. The obvious is to participate in the fundraising events and donation drives that fund our scholarships. Simply paying your annual dues provides the foundation of our annual grants.  For a more active role with the students, attend the interviews of perspective and current students to help select and guide our top students to perform better, to become the future leaders of Phuket. Attend their annual ceremony where their scholarship certificate is awarded. To be honest, this is one of the least time consuming projects with the greatest return—seeing the smiling faces of our students, especially after they graduate. Our students stay in touch, send photos of their weddings, children, their happiest moments which they attribute to the chance our organization gave them.